NEW/ Events

03 Dec: Baptism

We will be hosting a Baptism Service on Sunday 3rd of December. This is a special opportunity to take that step of obedience and get baptised as part of your faith journey. Please contact Pastor Clive if you wish to be part of our next Baptism service or if you would like to know more about the topic of baptism and what it means. You can also ask your Cedargroup leaders as well.

04 Dec: Celebration Dinner

The time is near for our ladies end of the year Celebration Event! Join us for an evening of fun, friendship and celebrating a wonderful year of God’s goodness and faithfulness. RSVP to Angela.

10 Dec: Child Dedications

We are excited to announce our next dedication service for 10 December 2023. Dedication is when parent(s) commit to God to bring their child/children up knowing the ways of the Lord. If you would like to dedicate your children to the Lord or would like more information please speak with Pastor Clive or or your Cedargroup leaders.

10 Dec: Nativity & Carols

Join us for our annual nativity play and carol service. This is a great opportunity to invite your friends and family as we celebrate the beautiful gift of Jesus Christ. Please bring your own candles for the carols and make sure your candles have a holder to prevent wax from falling on the schools hall floor.